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Side effects of Job

He would sleep with thoughts of office work still running in the background of his mind. He was not enjoying what he was doing. He was so bored, there was no fun. Same routine, same pattern, everyday. Every month. It was just the salary that drove him to work, rather, pushed him to work. EVERYDAY!!! All this for what, MONEY! For survival! He would miss the games, the time he spent with his friends, his family. But could see no way out. He allowed LIFE to PUSH him. But this was just the BEGINNING. He would soon experience the additional untold benefits and effects of JOB.



The heat, rain mud, work pressure did bother him. But he couldn't fight back. The fun factor was missing. Often he would wait anxiously for the next Sunday, the next holiday. He wanted out of stress, even if for a day. Sunday evening would make him sad, next day is Monday again. Sometimes he would yearn for one more holiday , how badly he wished for that because he was too tired mentally. His mind and body were craving for a break. But there's no escape. He must report on time Monday morning. So much for the want of money. And why he had to experience all this?  Because he had not crossed path with IMPACT yet. He didn't know the power of PASSIVE INCOME which only 3% of world population was earning.


Days and nights turned into months. His condition was heading only southwards. He began to experience acidity and  sour throat. For a moment he went cold, because this was the first time he encountered this. After all, no body told him about these additional benefits he would get from his job. He quickly came to understand that he was now living away from his family, the food prepared by his mom with so much love and attention was missing in the plate. He had both nutritional and love deficiencies. He was feeling home sick, but he couldn't tell anyone. He came to realize that it was a sacrifice he was destined to make for his career, his family. But what could he do! He had not seen IMPACT yet.


Often he was sleep deprived. The signs of aging were showing up. Under eye wrinkles and crows legs were becoming more visible. He began to notice under eye puffiness, and dark spot s under his eyes. All these happened very fast. He was just unprepared for all of these. What might be causing this, he wondered!!! But he had no clue. He had no control. He didn't recognize the danger lurking ahead because everyone else around him were just like him. He knew they had gone through all these already and are continously living with it, every single day. It was a pain and anxiety that would continue forever, every single day. Life doesn't allow you to rest or stop for reasons like these. His face was just another face in the population of 130 crores flooding the country. And why he had to experience all this??? Because he was yet to encounter IMPACT.

Person worried in JOB



Thus months changed into years. HE WOULD HUSTLE to work in dense traffic. The heat was killing. Pollution would drain his energy. But he must continue, after all he had his job. All this for a paycheck. He would find himself stuck in traffic every single day. 45 minutes drive one way. Two hours of his precious time would be spent only driving to work. Although it was not productive, he would have to continue the same pattern. He was stuck like every one else. He was slowly losing his vital health. He was wondering why. But didn't seem to have a clear answer. He could not see the trap. After all nobody told him about these additional job benefits.

Several years passed before his eyes. But the traffic pattern on road had not changed at all, he would find himself waiting for lights to turn green on traffic signals, EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was gradually getting worse. Often he would get angry, but on whom could he show his anger. He felt trapped. He tried to remain patient, but that was not helping. From inside, he had neither satisfaction nor sense of accomplishment. Because this felt as if he was just surviving. The quality of life was just too pathetic. He knew it was going to become even worse in future. He never wanted this for himself. After all the PAYCHECK was helping him survive just another month. It was a temporary solution to a long term problem. But what could he do. He had no control. HE HAD NOT SEEN IMPACT YET.


On many holidays and festivals, he would find himself working in office. Far from his family, he could only talk to them on phone. He would wake up exhausted everyday. He would always be looking forward to next deadline, or what the day would hold for him. Even if he would focus on work, by late afternoon he would find that most of his plans were shattered and didn't go as he had expected. At times he would feel as if everything is falling apart. He would come back home drained just to collapse on the couch.

A few months later the first signs of prosperity showed up. The tummy was slowly popping out, as if wanting to get ahead of chest. His stomach was bloating. Acidity was slowly turning into gastricity. He was experiencing what he had never experienced before. After all, nobody had forecasted the additional benefits of job for him. It was not pleasant. He was living with it every moment of his day. But slowly he became used to it. Unaware of the dangers lurking in the future. After all health is first wealth. And he was fast losing his health. He now badly wanted a way out.



He could see the trap he was in. And it was no fun. He hadn't expected this from his life. It felt so meaningless,working just to survive. Working simply to pay bills. Working just to get a skimpy pay check at the end of the month. The work was not at all satisfying. It was so meaningless. He deserved better. He wanted something better. He badly wanted to come out alive. He wanted to live his life to the fullest, provide best to his family. But he could not. he was merely surviving. Making ends meet every single month. All these because he was not a part of IMPACT yet.


A friend called up and asked for financial help. The amount his friend requested wasn't a lot. But he didn't have it. After all he was sending all money back home to his parents. He had commitments towards his sister's marriage, his younger brother's education, medical expenses of his parents and other society commitments. He even had his EMIs going on and had personal ambitions. He was barely saving anything. There wasn't much left by the end of the month. He was not in a position to help his friend. He felt embarrassed. Years had passed doing a job yet this was his situation. His heart cried, what am I doing? How come I am so helpless!!! He imagined himself in his friends shoes and realized that if a calamity strikes him, like it did to his friend, he wasn't even prepared. He was overwhelmed. Years had passed since he had been doing a job, and yet this was his situation. He was now beginning to realize the truth, but didn't know a way out. After all, nobody told him about these benefits at job. He wanted an alternative. But what could he do. He hadn't come across IMPACT yet.


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