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Do you like clothes that provide comfort?


We all like and choose clothes which give us a comfortable feel. Light and easy on body, it revs up our mood. Isn’t it?


How about bed? A comfortable bed, comfortable pillow helps us get a sound sleep, so vital for staying healthy and fit. Makes us charged and ready for the next day.


So is it with the choice of our cars, shoes and everything else?


But wait….


How about our LIFE? Is it comfortable?


Getting stuck in the middle of traffic every single day is NOT COMFORT!


Crossing 10 signals before reaching OFFICE and coming BACK every day is NOT COMFORT!


Breathing polluted air everyday while moving back and forth from place of work to home is NOT COMFORT!


Staying 800 to 2000 kms away from family, is NOT COMFORT!


Driving one hour to work and coming back, following that routine since last 6 to 10 years is NOT COMFORT!


Taking pills for Blood Pressure and Diabetes from the age of 35 till the age of 70 is NOT COMFORT!


Walking with acute knee pain at the age of 40 is NOT COMFORT!   Side effects of Job


Living with a bloated stomach with acute acidity and gastricity is NOT COMFORT!


Being in stress every month to pay EMI’s and dues is NOT COMFORT!


Waking up with the fear of paying BILLS everyday is NOT COMFORT!


Rushing to work everyday to finish DEADLINES, remaining in stress is NOT COMFORT!


The list is endless…. but it seems you got the POINT.


And all these for what, for the want of MONEY?


Now, consider this fact! You feel hunger everyday, automatically? Don’t you?


Your BILLS arrive every month, automatically. Other financial and social obligations come uninvited, every month, AUTOMATICALLY?

Does MONEY come into your bank account every month, AUTOMATICALLY? Never mind, WE HEARD WHAT YOU JUST THOUGHT!!!

For 98% people, it does not! They are the ones who keep chasing MONEY actively, every month. They fall in the category of people who earn ACTIVE INCOME. If they stay ACTIVE in their JOB/BUSINESS, their income comes. If they go on a vacation, so does their INCOME. They start earning from age of 20 and continue this PATTERN doing jobs till the age of 60 which they do not like, often HATE.


Person worried in JOB

They are also most dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with their income. With the promotion they get or do not get. Dissatisfied with the increment of salary. Did you note, it’s INCREMENT. It’s often marginal as well. They are also most afraid. Afraid that they might LOSE their job. Afraid of not being able to pay next installment. Their fear of want of money keeps them engaged in their jobs. And their employers never allow them the luxury of time to think where life is leading them.



Let me tell you a GOOD NEWS! Income does come into bank account, AUTOMATICALLY! But this privilege is enjoyed by only 2% of the people. They are PASSIVE EARNERS. They do not work HARD, rather prefer working SMART.


Even if they go for a long holiday, they find their income has gone up when they return. Their income grows EXPONENTIALLY, not INCREMENTALLY or MARGINALLY.


Best part is, it can work miracles in your life too. Yes… you too can see yourself making passive income of 50000 Rs/month in another 6 months, if you decide today. Thanks to technology and IMPACT, it is verily possible.



What do you need first, the right PLATFORM!!! Read this and come back here to finish this.




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